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Darth Plagueis Book Review. An alien muun, who might resemble a somber and elong a very enjoyable and entertaining star wars novel. As an apprentice, he embraces the ruthless ways of the sith.

darth plagueis book review
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Before darth sidious (emperor palpatine), darth vader, or even darth maul, there was darth plagueis. But luceno mostly concerns himself with dry accounts of political and business maneuvers, full of convoluted deals and deceptions.

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Darth plagueis (spoilers) january 26, 2013. Darth plagueis brings that sense of injustice and entitlement that defined the prequel generation screaming back into view.

Darth Plagueis Book Review

Darth plagueis is a spectacular book.Darth plagueis is a story that has been a long time in coming.Darth plagueis is my first star wars novel that solely features the sith lords as the main characters.Darth plagueis is one of the last sith lords.

Darth plagueis puts both him and palpatine in the forefront throughout the entire novel.Darth plagueis was darth sidious’ / emperor / senator palpatine’s sith master.Don’t pick this book up for some light reading on the beach.For clarification purposes i consider the main plot to be the apprenticeship of darth sidious culminating in the death of darth plagueis.

For the most part the main plot lived up to my expectations.From the cover, dust jacket blurb, and marketing material, fans might have taken the impression that darth plagueis would be essentially a sith apprenticeship book, filled with unsettling training methods and dark deeds.Here’s my thoughts on darth plagueis:I found it to be a really rich expansion to the star wars universe.

I had never really been that curious about palpatine or his master.I just finished darth plagueis by james luceno, published by del rey.I was left giddy after finding out the answers to mysteries i, as a fan, had pondered for over a decade.I’ve only really been a star wars fan for about a year now (so i knew nothing of anything in legends), and this book is probably better than any of the canon books i’ve read so far.

In my opinion, it does what a star wars novel can do at its best, augment the films for the.In some ways the wait was well worth it.It deals with darth plagueis, who was the master of darth sidious (the one who became the emperor) and his desires and actions leading up to the rise and revenge of the sith.It did a great job at filling in a huge gap leading up to the phantom menace.

It filled in a ton of lore for the expanded universe.It is an absolutely astonishing story that weaves elements from all across the saga together, answering questions you never realized you had.It would make a great ‘essential guide’ type book due to the huge amount of info in the novel.It’s a much better novel than the typical star wars book, though it doesn’t quite fulfill it’s promise.

It’s basically the origin story of both plagueis and his apprentice, palpatine.It’s provides a great narrative that describes the source of plagueis’ power and how he wields it to manipulate the galaxy to his own ends.Less solicitous reviewers might call this filler, and while that would be callous but somewhat accurate, author james luceno has captured the essence of lucas’ duality of the force, between the light and the dark.Losing it is the only thing he fears.

One of the most brilliant sith lords who ever lived.Possessing power is all he desires.Purchased in revenge of the sith, while attending a ballet, supreme chancellor.Reading darth plagueis is
a crossing the threshold moment for any star wars eu fan.

Science fiction, star wars format:So overall i enjoyed the book.Still, darth plagueis is practically required reading for any fan of the saga.That being said, it’s dense.

The amount of insight we get into the dark side, the failings of the jedi, the sith’s grand plan and the politics.The book not only chronicles the apprenticeship of sidious to plagueis but also touches on the relationship between plagueis and his own master darth tenebrous.The book really sheds light on the mysterious sith, darth plagueis who was first depicted in episode 3 while palpatine his former apprentice was speaking to the chosen one, anakin successfully corrupting the young jedi.The first part of the book, detailing plagueis’ efforts to harness the power of the force to grant immortality, has greater novelty, and occasional scenes later in the book hint at a more mystical story.

The former focuses on the science and brute strength of the force, the latter on.The novel takes the phantom menace menace and adds a second layer to the film it didn’t have until i read this novel.The one other novel i had read involved darth vader and darth sidious but that one had included other characters in a rebellion.The other half is about palpatine who becomes darth sidious.

The plot and the rich backstory for the star wars prequels had me loving this book.The sheer intensity of reading about the discovery and training of darth sidious by darth plagueis is fascinating to read, and one that most fans will enjoy.The yuuzhan vong are poised to conquer the galaxy and luke, mara, and.There are a few other darths mentioned throughout, but learning further about the sith succession line is only a small portion of what makes up a fantastic book by star wars veteran.

There is certainly a good deal of that in the book, but ultimately the core plot of the book is the unfolding of the grand plan to bring down the republic and destroy the jedi order.They explain concerning the secret calls, meetings, almost like celebrations of the galaxies most effective people, as well as exactly how they are all being adjusted to do the sith’s bidding.This book fleshes out a previously enigmatic character as well as a much more famous one.This book is half about plagueis.

This book starts around 30 years before episode 1:This book, is generally the culmination of a thousand years of building, preparation, and gaining understanding to bring about the failure of the and the coming of the.This is a great book for anyone interested in the star wars universe.This review may contain minor spoilers.

To be honest, when a darth plagueis novel was announced back in 2007 it didn’t really excite me.When the book was then cancelled it didn’t bother me.While i don’t believe this book is in the official star wars canon, it’s not hard to assume that it is.Without his efforts in the background, there may not be a galactic empire with palpatine on the throne.

You never really get past those two core bugbears though, and star wars: