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Long Way Down Book Summary. A long way down nick hornby. A stellar creepy, engaging, heartbreaking novel in verse, long way down is another example of what author jason reynolds does best:

long way down book summary
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Among the summaries and analysis available for a long way down, there are 2 short summaries and 9 book reviews. But as he takes the elevator down, with a gun tucked in his pants, it stops on each floor and a ghost from will’s past enters, all victims of gun violence, but will that be enough to change his mind ?

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Long Way Down Book Summary

He is following the rules passed down from father to son, son to brother.He tries hard to hold back tears, since “the rules” of the neighborhood say that he shouldn’t cry.His older brother shawn has just been shot and while his mother is wailing, he is not;In front of his father, will can finally admit his real pain:

In the novel long way down, by jason reynolds, will, the main character, has been taught to live by the rules:Intense, hilarious, provocative, and moving, a long way down is a novel about suicide that is, surprisingly, full of life.It is his father, mikey holloman.It started as a daydream.

Jess ( 18 year old),martin ( a middle aged, used to popular tv host), maureen ( a 51 year old, mother of a disabled son) and j.j (a musician) arrive to commit suicide in solitude however are quite surprised to meet each.Long way down by jason reynoldsLong way down explores the perpetuation of a cycle of violence and the theme of revenge.Long way down is a young adult book by jason reynolds.

Long way down was inspired by reynolds’s experiences working with incarcerated youth, whose fates, he acknowledges, could’ve easily been his own.Meet martin, jj, jess, and maureen.Mikey hugs will, makes him feel safe and loved.On the next floor, the man will has waited to meet all his life gets on.

Readers should take the time to explore the imagery and use of metaphors in the novel.Someone shot shawn while he was on the way back from the store to buy a special cream for his mother’s eczema.Summary in long way down by jason reynolds, will is a young man on an elevator ride on his way to shoot a guy named riggs.The entire book takes place over 60 seconds of the main character’s life, enough time for him to question everything he’s been taught and change his life forever.

The other two rules are no snitching, and always seek revenge—this means that if a loved one is killed, you must kill their killer.The rules dictate no crying, no snitching, and revenge.The rules dictate no crying, no snitching, and revenge.The story starts of with four different individuals intending to commit suicide on new year’s eve on topper’s tower.

There’s a lot of heartbreak here, and the.This brilliantly crafted novel is suitable for ages 13+ and recommended for teen book clubs.When reynolds was 19, one of his best friends was murdered on the street.While it can be read quickly, long way down challenges readers to really think about these issues in our communities.

Why is will going to shoot riggs?Will decides to shoot the man who he believes killed shawn.“i don’t know, / i don’t know, / i don’t know / what to do” (208).