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Premade Book Covers Romance. *i am working on expanding the selection of premade book covers for series as time goes. 17 studio book design | stunning custom and premade book covers.

premade book covers romance
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A big manor is in the background. All book covers are licensed for unlimited ebook.

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All designs are only sold once. All designs are only sold once.

Premade Book Covers Romance

All premade covers are only ever sold once.All premades featured under the premade book covers direct section are also available in vella format from $75.00 usd.As a reader, writer, and publisher, i know what it takes to sell a book.Au
dio is an additional $30.

Audiobook covers are 2400px x 2400px.Below are premade book covers available direct from chloe belle arts.Below you will find currently available covers and 2 additional options on how they can be made.Book covers, logos, marketing materials and interior embellishments level up your author career.

[email protected] or use one of these two forms:Both fiction and non fiction covers.Both fiction and non fiction covers.Choose from hundreds of carefully crafted, ready made covers from my exclusive premade book cover shop.

Covering every genre from romance to fantasy.Covering every genre from romance to fantasy.Customize the covers online before buying.Customize the covers online before buying.

Ebook stock cover design and custom book cover design are available.Find your perfect book cover design here.Historical fiction and romance (8)How romance premade book covers work:

I designed this range of sweet romance premade covers for authors who write sweet, romantic novels.I have hundreds of happy customers!I’ve just started making them so there isn’t much here yet.If there are significant adds or edits, i’ll also advise whether additional design costs apply (for details, please.

If you are looking for a customized cover, we suggest looking at our custom cover.If you are looking for series book covers and want to stick to premade covers there are 3 ways to get it done.If you’re looking for premade book covers, you’re in the right place, especially if you’re looking for something cheap or inexpensive.Included alterations must be specified upon purchase of the premade.

It deserves an amazing cover.I’ve created nearly a thousand romance book covers for hundreds of authors.I’ve included fun and playful designs in this group, as well as more sentimental covers.Kindle vella covers are now available!

Limited alterations are available for premade covers.New general fiction and book club fiction premade book covers.Non fiction premade book covers.Once a cover is sold, it is never sold again romance premade book covers

Once they’re gone, they’re gone.Our covers are all unique, professionally designed, and only ever sold once!Paperback book covers are available in kdp, ingramsparks, or bookbaby trim sizes.People often judge the book by the cover!

Premade book cover design can look just as good as custom cover art and it comes at a fraction of the cost.Premade book covers for sweet romance.Premade ebook covers, audiobook covers and createspace print covers for indie authors.Print is an additional $50.

Romance premade book cover series the.She has her eyes closed.Shop the latest premade book covers by the artful cover, with ebook covers for indie authors from $99 in all major genres, plus print covers and promotional swag for ads and social media.Stock designed ebook or custom with your design.

Stunning, marketable romance book covers.Take a look at all the available.The file will be a high resolution.jpg, suitable for uploading to ebook sellers and using for marketing materials.The man is holding her from behind and he has his head bent towards her neck.

The woman is wearing white gloves and holding a rose.This historical romance book cover features a couple dressed in historical clothing, probably the regency era.This is our collection of 15,000+ premade book covers, covering every genre, from romance to thriller.Titles and author names shown are for illustration purposes only.

With live build, preview and 3d rendering.With live build, preview and 3d rendering.You could of course buy an ebook cover creator of some kind, but they don’t really come recommended for fiction covers.You don’t just need a good story.

You need a cover that can capture a reader’s attention in a handful of seconds and make them want to read more.You submit a completed request for your chosen premade book cover, which reserves it while we work out the details.You will receive a finished ebook cover at least 1650px x 2600px.You’ve written an amazing story.